Welcome to Cybtel, where staying connected is made simple. Setting up your voicemail is a quick and easy process, ensuring you never miss important messages. Follow the steps below to configure your voicemail on the Cybtel WiFi calling app: 


1. Accessing Voicemail Settings: 


Open the Cybtel app on your device. 

Navigate to the menu by pressing the hamburger icon. 


2. Voicemail Setup: 


Look for the "Voicemail" option within the Settings menu. Select "Voicemail" to begin the setup process. 


3. Personalizing Your Greeting: 


Choose the option to record a personalized voicemail greeting. This adds a personal touch for your callers. 


Follow the prompts to record your greeting. Ensure it's clear and provides any necessary information for callers. 


4. Setting a Voicemail PIN: 


For security purposes, set up a personal identification number (PIN) for your voicemail. 

Enter a secure PIN following the provided guidelines. This PIN will be required when accessing your voicemail remotely. 


5. Notification Preferences: 


Customize your voicemail notification preferences. Choose between text notifications, visual voicemail, or both, depending on your preference. 


6. Save and Confirm: 


Once you've configured your voicemail settings, save the changes to activate your personalized voicemail system. 


7. Retrieving Voicemail: 


To check your voicemail, simply tap on the voicemail icon within the Cybtel app or dial the voicemail access number provided. Enter your PIN when prompted to access your messages. 



  • Keep your voicemail greeting concise and informative. 
  • Regularly update your voicemail PIN for added security. 
  • Explore additional features, such as forwarding voicemails or setting up voicemail-to-email. 


Should you encounter any issues during the setup process or have further questions, our support team is here to assist you. Contact us via the support section of the Cybtel app or visit our website for additional assistance. 


Stay connected effortlessly with Cybtel – where global communication meets simplicity.