Welcome to Cybtel, where affordable international calling meets convenience! Our Voice Packages are designed to offer you incredible savings while ensuring crystal-clear voice quality. Follow the simple steps below to get started with our Voice Packages and enjoy the best calling rates available. 


Step 1: Download Cybtel 

If you haven't already, Download the Cybtel mobile app and sign in using just your phone number. It's quick, easy, and requires no complicated registration process. Once you're signed up, you're ready to explore the world of affordable international calling. 


Step 2: Navigate to Voice Packages 

Log in to your Cybtel account and navigate to the "Voice Packages" section. This can typically be found in your account dashboard or the main menu. 


Step 3: Choose Your Voice Package 

Explore our range of Voice Packages tailored to suit your calling needs. Whether you're a casual caller or a heavy user, Cybtel has the perfect package for you. Take a moment to review the details of each package, including the countries covered and the calling rates. 


Step 4: Purchase Your Voice Package 

Once you've found the Voice Package that aligns with your requirements, proceed to purchase it through our secure payment gateway. Cybtel accepts various payment methods to ensure a hassle-free experience for our users. 


Step 5: Enjoy Cost Savings and Clear Calls 

Congratulations! You're now subscribed to a Cybtel Voice Package. Start making international calls at some of the most competitive rates in the market. Experience the clarity and reliability of our service while enjoying significant cost savings compared to traditional calling methods. 


Step 6: Manage Your Package 

Keep track of your usage and manage your Voice Package through your Cybtel account. If your calling needs change, you can easily upgrade or switch to a different package that better suits your requirements. 


Need Help or Have Questions? 

If you encounter any issues or have questions about our Voice Packages, our dedicated support team is here to help. Contact us through the support section of your account, and we'll respond promptly to ensure you have a seamless experience with Cybtel. 


Thank you for choosing Cybtel – where connecting with your loved ones across the globe is affordable, easy, and reliable!